Our governance

We are an independent integral pension service provider and asset manager. The shares of DPS are wholly owned by Stichting Pensioenfonds PDN. Stichting Pensioenfonds PDN is the owner and customer of DPS, providing a solid basis for the further development of DPS.

Our governance structure is characterised by a two-tier system, consisting of a Supervisory Board and two statutory directors. The Supervisory Board of DPS is responsible for overseeing our strategic direction, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and ensuring controlled and ethical business operations.

The statutory directors set the organization's strategic direction, oversee financial management, and ensure the effective execution of services in line with agreed upon service levels. Day-to-day operations are handled by our Management Team, working in close collaboration with the statutory directors.

The total organization size of DPS consists of 70 dedicated professionals.


Our organization structure

We operate as an investment firm under the oversight of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), maintaining a comprehensive suite of licenses for asset management, investment advice, and order submission for professional investors.

Our streamlined organizational structure ensures efficient communication and decision-making, allowing us to provide prompt and responsive support to our clients. This nimble approach, coupled with our expertise and commitment to quality, sets us apart in the competitive pension services industry.