Sustainable business practices

DPS reduces its own environmental impact by sorting its waste streams. In addition, we encourage reuse of peripheral equipment and office furniture.Also, when designing our office environment, we explicitly integrate existing construction into our new construction.

Currently, our annual carbon footprint is 125 tons of CO2 emissions . In particular, commuting and our workplaces contribute to this footprint. We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint by paying attention to commuting and our workplaces to reduce CO2 emissions. We try to encourage working from home where we ask our employees to work from home three days a week and provide resources to properly set up the home office. We encourage digital meetings to minimize business travel. Travel by public transportation is fully reimbursed and there is a bicycle plan for employees to reduce CO2 emissions.

Compensating controls

As much as we try to reduce our footprint, some emissions are still unavoidable. To offset these emissions, DPS has financially supported several certified projects that actively contribute to carbon reduction. The total offset we achieve with these projects is 125 tons. DPS is currently fully carbon neutral.


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DPS is committed to improving society and giving equal opportunity to all.From this perspective, DPS strives to treat everyone fairly and to be an employer of choice. We believe that programs aimed at supporting employees to find an appropriate work-life balance have added value. We also believe that diversity and inclusiveness are the catalysts for success and innovation. For this reason, DPS has a fair and equal remuneration policy for all that ensures market-based salaries and a balanced remuneration policy.

Our human resources policy pays explicit attention to talent development as well as diversity, safety, health and well-being. This is reflected in:

  • our policy on sustainable employability and comprehensive training programs.
  • facilitating hybrid working.
  • providing well-equipped office workplaces and home offices that we fully facilitate for our employees.
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle with, for example, fruit in the office, sports facilities in the office accessible access to professional care.
DPS additionally provides workplaces for people distanced from the labor market and enters into partnerships with suppliers committed to sustainability and striving for social improvement. We expect suppliers involved in providing products and services to DPS to act in a manner consistent with our code of conduct and vision on sustainability. During supplier evaluations, we take appropriate measures to ensure that ethical business practices, labor and human rights, diversity and inclusion, environmental stewardship and fair business governance are present with our suppliers.